Film Explores Archie Manning’s Pro, Personal Life

Thats why you need to hand him a flag instead of a helmet. But if you still arent convinced, then look at it this way: What was good enough for those Manning boys ought to be good enough for yours. Archie Mannings instincts as both a player and a father told him that the gentle crunch of helmeted heads on thin necks is not good for little kids. There were no youth leagues around their neighborhood in New Orleans, and Archie thought that was just as well. I wasnt gonna chase off to another parish and drive 25 miles just so a child could play tackle football, he said in a phone interview. It wasnt necessary. Manning didnt specifically forbid his children from playing the game it just wasnt available. The result was that Peyton and Eli Manning didnt play organized tackle until they were in the seventh grade; instead they played backyard football or knee football in the living room, and Eli joined a flag league.

NY Giants QB Eli Manning struggles, but father and former Saint Archie Manning says son is a fighter

On Oct. 1, 1978, Saints QB Archie Manning eyes the football that’s just popped from his grasp during a game against the Los Angeles Rams in New Orleans.

I think one thing I like so much about the documentary is that Coopers role in there is equal to Peyton and Elis and thats the way it should be, Archie Manning said. His story of his athletic career being cut short, and then what he went through with the laminectomy and so forth, I cant tell you how uplifting it was for our family to see how he handled that. Hes always had a great spirit, but the spirit he had to get through that and the way he dealt with it, his attitude, certainly helped all us get through a tough time. Archie said he never pushed his sons into following his footsteps into the NFL. I think the first thing that my sons will tell you, that I never tried to be their coach, he said. And I didnt give them as much advice as some people might think, being a former player myself and a former quarterback. If they asked, I gave them my opinion. Archie Manning said he first realized the headstrong Peyton had what it took to make it in the pros when Peyton was a junior at Tennessee.

Peyton Manning gets a hug from his father, Archie Manning, following an Indianapolis Colts game in 2004.

Other names tied to the committee include former Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese and former NCAA Executive Vice President Tom Jernstedt. Oct 4, 2013 8:16 PM One of these members is not like the others 700levelvet says: Oct 4, 2013 8:24 PM One can never get enough of the Mannings.(drip) mrlaloosh says: Oct 4, 2013 8:26 PM I remember when Archie had to be sobered up to play in games for Ole Miss. Mrs Olivia Manning should be on the committee. She knows more about college football that Archie and the boys. Oct 4, 2013 9:28 PM Couldnt they just keep the Polls/Rankings/Computers and determine the top 4 that way? And what does Archie Manning and Condoleezza Rice know about football that the average writer/reporter/coach doesnt? This is quickly becoming a laughable bad idea.

Report: Archie Manning added to playoff selection committee

Johnny Manziel, Archie Manning

He doesnt like it. But hes a tough kid. Anonymous/AP On Oct. 1, 1978, Saints QB Archie Manning eyes the football thats just popped from his grasp during a game against the Los Angeles Rams in New Orleans. RELATED: STRUGGLING ELI VOWS TO GET BETTER As Archie knows, it takes a special kind of toughness to endure the hard times in professional sport. He just thought Eli had made it through the roughest patch when he struggled early in his career. He survived a six-game losing streak in his first six starts, then rode with the fans and his team on an emotional roller-coaster until he emerged after the 2007 season as a Super Bowl champ. But as Archie says, Nobody expected this. As worried as Archie says he was in the offseason when he saw so many key Giants undergoing surgery, and as concerned as he was in the preseason with so many starters out, he never saw an 0-5 start in the Giants future.


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