New Orleans Saints’ Malcolm Jenkins: The Nfl’s Next Elite Safety

Malcolm Jenkins makes play for the ages for New Orleans Saints

These are very good players. Will Smith will play here or on the D-line, either way he is a proven all-around player. Pass rushers Galette and Wilson have had impact as 4-3 DEs with little playing time, wait until they have some space to operate as 3-4 end rushers. Then veteran depth like Vilma, Butler, Chamberlain and two rookie LBs Chase Thomas and Kevin Reddick who everybody wanted as UDFAs. This will be a good group. DB: Keenan Lewis and Jabari Greer. Two good starters.

Malcolm Jenkins following in father’s footsteps by keeping Piscataway’s youth on the practice field

“I’m a football player. I’m not a big fashion guy. I don’t know the trends on what’s in and what’s out. I just simply wear what I like and that’s what my inspiration was,” said Jenkins. However, it was when he couldn’t find the right bow tie that Jenkins and his wife stumbled on the idea of creating their own. “So we went and bought a sewing machine and I just Googled how to make a bow tie and just followed it step by step. She ended up bailing on me and I stayed up all night ’til I figured it out.

Rob Ryan

Is Malcolm Jenkins an Elite NFL Safety? Yes Submit Vote vote to see results Is Malcolm Jenkins an Elite NFL Safety? Yes 7.1% Total votes: 382 Regardless, scouts and draft specialists largely praise Jenkins and view him as a top prospect with high character. In the days leading up to the draft,noted NFL draft expert Nolan Nawrocki describes Jenkins as standing out for his “maturity and humble attitude.” He reports that Jenkins’ “makeup is most ideally suited for the safety position” and asserts that talent evaluators are most impressed with Jenkins’ “confidence, overall character and the way he’s carried himself in team interviews.” Upon drafting Jenkins, Coach Sean Payton notes Jenkins’ toughness, intelligence and character as the defining qualities of the first round selection. Expectations are high. September 27, 2009 In the third game of the 2009 regular season, Saints’ fans get an early glimpse of Jenkins’ playmaking ability. With six minutes to play in the first half against the Buffalo Bills , Jenkins makes his first big play, stripping the ball from Bills’ punt returner Roscoe Parrish and then recovering the fumble. This leads to a Saints’ FG, putting them up three going into halftime.

“I’m accountable for it; I lost the ball game. I will say that.” Jenkins teammates agreed with part of Williams’ assessment. “We said it was a huge play,” fellow Buckeye and Saints defensive end Will Smith said. “It’s something that we practice every day. Gregg says, ‘they are going to hit a big play on us once in a while, and we’ve got to be able to chase it down and give us another chance.’ When we chase it down, rip the ball out, because a lot of times, the guy thinks he has a clean score. Malcolm made a huge play.” In the aftermath of his ‘huge play,’ Jenkins was characteristically understated. The Saints have the weekend off, and he told his parents he will try to get home.

New Orleans Saints vs. New England Patriots Preview and Predictions

Lee Jenkins wouldnt let his son quit, and he didnt want any of the other kids to have an excuse for missing practice. Along the way they would stop at Dwayne Gratzs house. Gratz now plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Steven Miller was next. He recently signed a contract with the Detroit Lions. And Malcolm, who thought about quitting, ended up as a top-15 draft pick and is entering his fifth season with the New Orleans Saints. “That was my first example of seeing someone give back,” Jenkins said in a phone conversation earlier this week.


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