Deke: Bobby Hebert & Hokie Gajan Size Up Saints Camp Day 2

Ex-NFL QB Bobby Hebert kicked out of LSU-Alabama press box

Bobby Hebert

Bobby Heberts P.O.V. Hebert – what looked good: The Cajun Cannon thought the Saints offense bounced back nicely, after not looking so good the first day of camp. I thought it was a productive day overall with the offense looking much better, said Hebert. I thought QB Luke McCown had his best day. He threw a number of balls that were on the money and he completed a nice long pass for about 50 yards to Lance Moore. Luke had a good day. Hebert – Which Saints players stood out: Will Smith would have had a sack in the first team period and Martez Wilson had a sack in the last team portion of practice. Bobby was also impressed by the play of wide receiver Saalim Hakim. Hakim hauled in a pass on a slant route and then outran the Saints secondary. I thought linebacker Jonathan Vilma did an outstanding job in coverage. Jonathan was in the right position and he made a nice play. LB Roman Humber had another solid day. Humber caused a fumble and he did a good job in pass coverage. Hebert What needs work? I really think overall it was a good practice. It was not sloppy like yesterday. I think the offensive coaches as well as the defensive coaches have to be pleased with the production obtained on day two of training camp. Heberts BIG Saints question of the day: In his unique way, the Cajun Cannon asked Saints LB Curtis Lofton about his role as a leader on the Saints defenseand which player is responsible for calling the defensive plays in the huddle. Curtis said, I think the situation with the defense is that you have two great guys capable of leading this defense. JV (Vilma) is going to take the helmet communicator. He (Vilma) will handle the secondary and Ill handle the front. He doesnt have an ego and I dont have an ego. Our main focus and goal is to put this team in the best situation to win. And its been great working with him (Vilma). Hebert – Bring on the pads! Bobby says some things are hard to judge when players are not in full gear. Assessments will get clearer tomorrow. When you dont have on pads, its hard to tell how the linemen do against each other. And, its hard to see who gets to the quarterback fastest. When the team puts on pads tomorrowthe one-on-one drills among the linemen will be one of the things that Im looking forward to seeing. Hokie Gajans P.O.V. Hokies take on STC Day 2: I saw a much better practice this morning, said Gajan. Things were crisp and a lot of the sloppy things that took place yesterday did not happen again today. The Saints Radio color analyst was happy to see a Saints offense with far fewer turnovers. Hokie – Hard to evaluate: A former Saints player and scout for many years, Hokie prefers to see the team in full gear versus watching them in shorts and helmets. I think it makes things more legitimate when they are in pads. Its hard to tell if a player is making a sack or if he really got back in the offensive backfield that fast. When they have pads on its easier to evaluate. Hokies next looksee: One on one drills between offensive and defensive linemen is something Gajan is looking forward to along with the contact drills. When the team works off rush offense against rush defense, the contact in those drills will give a much better indication of whos getting the best of who. The Big Chief Deke Bellavias final analysis Today I sat down with Saints LB David Hawthorne. Hawthorne came to the Saints last season, after three straight seasons with the Seattle Seahawks in which he recorded 100 or more tackles. Im healthy and I feel like Im in great shape. I just want to do what is asked of me and help our defense improve, Hawthorne told me. David Hawthorne is a humble player that I hope works out here in New Orleans. David was an undrafted rookie out of TCU, who became arguably the Seahawks best linebacker once he landed a starting role midway through the 2009 season. When I asked David how much better the Saints defense can be this season he smiled and said, I think the sky is the limit for us. Hawthorne went on to explain why he thinks the Saints defense will be much improved, We are all buying in. and Coach Rob Ryan has the players in the right place. David also expressed how humble and grateful he is to be wearing jersey #57, which was worn by former Saints great and hall of famer Rickey Jackson. Until next time, WHO DAT!

Bobby Hebert Was Removed From the Press Box During Tonight’s LSU-Alabama Game

Jim Boeheim and Bob Stoops Are Afraid to Talk About a Plan to Pay College Athletes. Why?

From Les Miles’ perspective, he’s also the father of an LSU offensive lineman, T-Bob Hebert , who’s started 26 games over the last three years at center and guard. The locals, they know what to expect from Bobby Hebert. View gallery . After LSU’s 21-0 bludgeoning at the hands of Alabama in Monday night’s BCS Championship Game, the national press was treated to a formal introduction to Bobby Hebert : After Miles made an opening statement, the moderator opened the floor to questions. The first came from Bobby Hebert, a local broadcaster and former Saints quarterback, whose son, T-Bob Hebert, plays center and guard for L.S.U. Hebert started, according to the transcript: “Coach, did you ever consider bringing in Jarrett Lee, considering that you weren’t taking any chances on the field? Now, I know Alabama’s defense is dominant. But, come on, that’s ridiculous, five first downs.

Ex-Saint Bobby Hebert a perfect fit behind the microphone

But Stafford to Calvin Johnson, Megatron. Thats up there with about as good as it gets in NFL history I think. Stafford knows its kind of like an alley-oop basketball play. You gotta like the one-on-one matchup. A defensive back can have great position and coverage, but it doesnt matter. On how Michigan and Louisiana fans share a passion for football: I tell Saints fans, the (Detroit) fans are just the same, blue-collar. Were from the South and theyre Yankees. Theyre not like prima donna Cowboys or Giants or even the Patriots. On which game hes looking forward to most, Saints-Lions or Alabama-LSU: Id have to say my sons game. This is the last hurrah for his college career. Im doing both games.

Video: Bobby Hebert wants to know why Les Miles didn’t pull Jordan Jefferson, too


Five first downs! I’ll tell you the fans’ standpoint: How can you not maybe push the ball down the field and bring in Jarrett Lee? So what if you get a pick-six?” Miles still did not get a chance to answer, so he just kept staring at Hebert, who also happens to be the father of LSU senior center/guard T-Bob Hebert, a former starter for the Tigers who played sparingly in recent games. “I know the pass rush of Alabama. But not pushing the ball down field, considering you have (wide receivers) Rueben Randle and Odell Beckham Jr.

Bobby Hebert defends confronting LSU’s Les Miles

I really had no horse in the race. This was just an exciting football game. Ya Cant fault the man for showing his colors. Good on you Bobby! vikescry1 says: Nov 4, 2012 8:30 AM T-bob??? I once had an award winning pig named that. first place at the state fair 3 years running dontasemebro says: Nov 4, 2012 8:30 AM George is gettin upset!

Bobby Hebert Ripped LSU’s Offense and Les Miles in Press Conference After Alabama Beat LSU for the BCS Title

Jim Boeheim and Bob Stoops Are Afraid to Talk About a Plan to Pay College Athletes. Why?

It’s something we’ll continue to discuss internally. No decision has been made.” Sugar Bowl spokesman John Sudsbury said Hebert’s behavior was unprofessional and apologized to LSU. “It was very disrespectful,” Sudsbury told USA Today. “I told Michael I was real sorry it happened. We don’t want to credential people who go into a press conference and act like a fan. Multiple people told me it was not professional.

Bobby Hebert Kicked Out of LSU-Alabama Press Box After Excessive Cheering for Tigers

Remember when he went off on Les Miles after the National Championship Game in January? The former Saints quarterback is a radio host in New Orleans and his son played for LSU last year. He was also in the press box tonight, and from variou s comments by media members, was rooting like a crazy Cajun fan there. Heres one video , which touts that this was an example of Hebert being mild, where he has his hat turned around backwards rally cap style awaiting a LSU field goal attempt. [UPDATE from ] Hebert was warned repeatedly for cheering in the press box, and escorted out by police.

Former Michigan Panthers QB Bobby Hebert talks Lions, Saints and Matthew Stafford

Now, I know Alabamas defense is dominant. But, come on, thats ridiculous, five first downs. I mean, so its almost an approach, Ill tell from you the fans standpoint, that how can you not maybe push the ball down the field and bring in Jarrett Lee? So what if you get a pick six. It seems like the game plan that not pushing the ball down the field, considering its like a Rueben Randle or Odell Beckham Jr. I know the pass rush of Alabama, but theres no reason why in five first downs you have a great defense, LSU is a great defense, but thats ridiculous. The moderator replied, Do you have a question? Hebert attempted concision and settled on, Do you think you should have pushed the football more down the field? Miles refrained from a reply of well, duh to suggest that the play calls were in fact designed to pick up yardage but were not successful. And that while he did consider throwing Lee to the sharks, he felt the pass rush demanded a more mobile quarterback.

Bobby Hebert ‘in no trouble’ with WWL over LSU remarks

Whether Hebert is fair or unbiased while talking up the Tigers, for whom his son played as an offensive lineman from 2008 to 2011, is one question. But who Hebert becomes once he enters the press box where journalism ethics and sports decorum forbid cheering or favor for any team was answered emphatically Saturday evening as the Tigers took on Alabama. Hebert, who raised some eyebrows last year when he used a postgame press conference to call out LSU coach Les Miles for his play-calling, took his Tigers rooting a bit too far this time. Hebert was reportedly cheering throughout the game not new for him, but certainly over the line for the other 900 or so sportswriters or journalists who had been given media credentials for the game, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune. Finally, the LSU media folks decided Hebert couldnt be allowed to cause such a distraction or show such partisanship and sent police to escort Hebert from his cheering chamber. He was disturbing other media members who were trying to do their jobs, and he was warned twice, LSU associate sports information director Bill Martin said, according to the Times-Picayune.

“We got to be more balanced.” After cautioning the diner to drink responsibly and to use a designated driver, Hebert continued to vent. “First LSU blows a big lead at Arkansas, and now the Black & Gold loses a game they could have won. It’s been a bad Thanksgiving holiday. Bad, bad, bad. Let’s go back to the phone lines.” “Payton’s got diarrhea of the pass, ” the caller said. “Great point . .


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