New Orleans Saints: Greer, Lewis to provide solid cornerback play

Last season, Lewis first full season as a starter, he was the 2nd most targeted cornerback in the league, according to Pro Football Focus. This was more a byproduct of playing next to great players like Troy Polamalu, Ryan Clark, and Ike Taylor rather than his own inexperience or perceived deficiencies. Though highly targeted by opposing quarterbacks, he was 4th in the AFC in yards allowed and 7th in touchdowns allowed; and what might be even more impressive is that he never gave up 100 yards to an opposing receiver. Lewis, like Greer, doesnt have huge interception totals, but has a high number of passes defended. Though people may not know it yet, Lewis will prove to be a solid corner who is prepared to take that next step to be great. He, along with Greer, will be able to hold down the outside very well. The presence of these two pillars should have a residual effect on the often scrutinized Patrick Robinson who will move to the third cornerback position. Expect Robinson to put together a solid season as he will be matched up on smaller, quicker slot receivers rather than taller, more physical receivers.

Time to Honor: Former Saints standouts Mills, Gleason and Williams deserve team recognition

There is no question Jimmy Graham is the rising star in the NFL at the tight end position, but giving him Watson to play off of just makes the group that much better. Not to mention, toss in Drew Brees as the quarterback throwing them the ball and all sorts of problems for opponents begin to emerge. Grahams numbers dropped off a bit in his third season in the league. With that being said, many that have seen him in the offseason say that he looks to be in the best shape of his life. More importantly, he looks healthy and determined to wreak havoc in 2013. The fact that Brees and Graham have had the entire offseason to work together means fantasy owners should expect a huge year out of the 26-year-old, and that is with Watson on the team. Speaking of the former New England Patriots and Cleveland Browns tight end, Watson is just one more reason why New Orleans will once again have one of the top offenses in the NFC. He is not a top playmaker like Graham, but he certainly has done enough in his 10-year career for defensive players to keep an eye on him during games. That means that his presence alone will make the offense better.

Dual Tight Ends for New Orleans Saints Will Cause Problems for Opponents

Dual Tight Ends for New Orleans Saints Will Cause Problems for Opponents

Andrew Juge and Kevin Held join Ralph to do a podcast with hardly any actual Saints news. It’s July and that’s a good thing. The boys wonder if the 2013 Patriots = 2012 Saints. Meaning, experts and fans will think huge missing pieces won’t matter. Plus random thoughts on the NFL. In actual Saints talk, Ralph has talked himself into the awesomeness of the Ben Watson/ Jimmy Graham tight end combo and Andrew then explains why it will happen. They finish things up moving through the tournament to decide Kevin Held’s wrestling intro music. Listen right now below, get the feed right here and/or download it on iTunes right here. Warning: explicit language and adult content.

Ranking the New Orleans Saints’ players: No. 6, Lance Moore

Just like Gleason, Williams was diagnosed with ALS not long after his playing days ended, though his story was not as well publicized in the different and limited media era in the 1970s and 1980s. While Williams didn’t play for Saints teams that enjoyed the levelm of success by those that featured Gleason, the former was a valuable member of those rough early days when the Saints pursued each attempt at a win like prospectors looking for a gold nugget. The most successful NFL year for Williams was likely 1969 when he helped a Saints offense that featured running backs Andy Livingston and Tony Baker rush for almost 1,500 rushing yards. Williams served well as a pulling guard on many of those running plays. Williams would go on to own a car dealership in Slidell where his commercials had buyers quip, “Thanks Del” followed by his reply, “And thank you.” The man succeeded on the field here and then stayed to be a successful part of the community. He passed away in 1984 and quietly fought this disease with dignity and determination.

Comparing 2013 New England Patriots to 2012 New Orleans Saints: Podcast

Dallas Cowboys Saints wide receiver Lance Moore, being tackled by the Dallas Cowboys’ DeMarcus Ware (94) and Morris Claiborne, isn’t afraid to go over the middle and make the tough catches. (David Grunfeld, | The Times-Picayune) View/Post Comments Once again this offseason, our Saints coverage team has ranked the top 25 players on New Orleans’ roster. We’ll unveil the list every weekday as we count down to training camp. The criteria is largely based on one question: Who would be the best players on the field if a game was played today? Past accomplishments and future potential also are taken into account. There were tough decisions, which likely will lead to plenty of second-guessing. So let the debate begin.


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