New Orleans Saints: Young faces look to fill receiver void

Most compelling games on the New Orleans Saints’ schedule: No. 16, vs. Arizona Cardinals

Morgan is a quintessential deep threat with outstanding speed, much like Henderson. Though he only caught ten balls last season, he made the most of it averaging a whopping 38 yards per catch and scoring 3 touchdowns. Much like Henderson he has inconsistent hands and limited route running ability. Despite his lack of versatility, his straight line speed is his biggest asset. Morgan was the odds on favorite until he was arrested for a DUI at the end of May. Morgans slip up might have opened to door for a young player like Nick Toon or Kenny Stills to take the spot. Toon, who was essentially redshirted his rookie season, is a 64 target out of Wisconsin and, in a way, is a poor mans Colston with his size and wingspan. He is an above average route runner and can snag back shoulder throws very well, which is an absolute must in this offense. Due to his lack of explosion and speed, he is better suited as an outside possession receiver; however, he has the ability to play inside and has shown a good nose for the end zone scoring ten touchdowns in his senior season.

Saints coach Sean Payton moonlighting as caddie

“It’s pretty cool to hear the mindset of one of the great coaches in the game, Super Bowl winning coach,” Palmer said. SAINTS OFFSEASON REPORT: Payton is back, but is the defense? After two days of participating in practice rounds and pro-am events, Payton said Wednesday he realized “this isn’t a vacation.” Payton and Palmer are good friends who met in Dallas. They see each other when Palmer plays in the Zurich Classic in Louisiana and they’ve played an occasional round together during the summers. While Payton said he isn’t good at playing golf, he said he’s comfortable with figuring out yardage at the Greenbrier Classic, which starts Thursday. 49ERS LB: Allegedly attacked teammate Payton compares being a caddie to visualizing an NFL game through the eyes of a quarterback and said he’s taking the opportunity seriously.

Saints Row 4 Refused Classification in Australia

Jabari Greer broke up 13 passes for the Saints last season. Bill Haber/AP Ten Things I Think I Think 1. I think that you guys will read the Two Seeds story, and get to the tagline of “no one understands me,” and some of you will invariably reply, “I don’t get it?” 2. I think that the nation’s sidewalk-sign-twirlers should look into getting a union. I consider that a high risk, low reward gig. Nobody should tear a rotator cuff flipping a sign promoting A price off haircuts for kids*. *Applies only when you purchase full price adult hair cut. 3.

Saints Row 4 Achievements Leaked, See Them All Here

– Completed ‘Welcome Back’ and got the gang back together at last. Betrayed – Completed ‘All Hands On Deck’, as if you needed another reason to want to perforate Zinyak. Poodle Skirt – Completed ‘Hello Teacup’ and saved Kinzie from a fate worse than death. Imperator – Completed ‘Grand Finale’ and ruled the universe with terrible majesty. Where’s My Cape?

Kenny Stills

You actually proved within 5 minutes my statement about how “A-holes” would tear my comments to pieces. You disagree with what I have to say, but you have to call me a “lazy piece of crap”, when you really have no clue. I mean, you actually think Australia, of all countries, would ever become an Orwellian state? Excuse me, but who’s the Moron here? I’m sure you’re just upset, because using an “Alien Anal Probe” would probably be the highlight of your poor, pathetic, loser day, Mr. Mastersexsay. you are wrong, if majority doesn’t like something that doesn’t make it okay to ban it for everyone 0 vertexx , June 30, 2013 5:20 PM Quote: you are wrong, if majority doesn’t like something that doesn’t make it okay to ban it for everyone “Freedom of speech” has never, ever meant “Anything goes.” The origins of free speech in the US had more to do with freedom from persecution for political or religious speech than whether or not we will accept in our society games where you stick dildos up peoples asses and blow them up. In that regard, there has always been a line we’ve drawn with what we’ve accepted, and there has always been a level of censorship.

Guest MMQB: Jabari Greer on post-bounty Saints; an inspirational tale

Jabari Greer broke up 13 passes for the Saints last season.

I did, however, play a different build recently at E3 where I was able to use some of the more exotic weapons such as the Black Hole and Dubstep gun. Utilizing the black hole gun you can simply shoot an object, which creates a mini black hole that will suck in everything around it for a brief period of time before disappearing. Using the Dubstep gun causes all kinds of chaos as enemies are dancing to the beat while explosions and other wackiness are going on all around them. I was definitely having a blast with these two weapons and cant wait to get my hands on the full version of Saints Row 4 so I can really cause some damage in virtual Steelport. If you dont want to wreak havoc by yourself, Saints Row 4 also offers campaign co-op. You can join in with a friend from the very beginning of the story and wage war on Zinyak (alien overlord) together.

Saints Row 4 Hands On Preview – Time for some virtual Wub Wub

(Michael DeMocker, | The Times-Picayune) View/Post Comments Judging the most compelling games for the 2013 New Orleans Saints is a difficult proposition because of the unknown variables (injuries, new coaches/coordinators, etc.) that ultimately play out during the course of an NFL season. I used multiple factors in ranking the Saints’ 16 regular-season games, including anticipated quality of the opponent, the opposition’s quarterback situation, game times (late in the season, early in the season, prime time) and potential weather conditions. I’ll unveil the list every weekday as we count down to training camp. The rankings are from easiest to most difficult games. Let the debate begin. No. 16: Sept.


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