New Orleans Saints’ Roster Top 25 Players: No 24, Patrick Robinson

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Martez Wilson held his 2nd Annual “You Are The Future” Youth Football Camp in Chicago June 21st and 22nd, 2013

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Martez Wilson held his 2nd Annual “You Are The Future” Youth Football Camp in Chicago June 21st and 22nd, 2013

He made the trip, where some say the soul meets the sky. They would carry him for much of it on a specially designed sled over 11 gluling hours straight up. It was much more gnarly than we p anticipated. I was definitely scared but i chose to embrace it. Reporter: His son was up there, too, his baby boy rivers, born soon after his diagnosis. Gleason is doing all of this for him, too, creating a video diary. These memories so that one day his son can know his father. ♪ Reporter: A symbol of america strong.

Saints coach Payton to caddie in PGA event

24 in my top 25 Saints’ players for 2013 is Patrick Robinson 25 Comments No. 24 on my list of the top 25 Saints’ players for 2013 is Patrick Robinson , the 2010 first round draft pick who has had his share of ups and downs during his first three seasons in the NFL. I wish I could give this spot to both Robinson and Corey White since I think this will be a training camp battle to keep an eye on, but decided to just go with my gut and just pick who I thought would win the nickel corner job. Intro to our Top 25 Saints Players A brief explanation about how these rankings work. I think the normalcy of this off-season and the change in scheme will benefit Robinson, who seemed to struggle Authentic Darren Sproles Jersey in Steve Spagnuolo’s complicated zone schemes last year. To summarize his 2012 season, one only needs to recall Robinson’s nightmare performance against the Cowboys in Week 16 . A lot of corners will struggle 1 on 1 with Dez Bryant , but he made Robinson look like a high school player at times.

With Sean Payton back on the sidelines, Drew Brees and the offense should continue to put up huge numbers. Unfortunately, the lackluster Saints D should also put up huge numbers — for the opponents. HOT SEAT Rob Ryan. The team’s third defensive coordinator in three years, his previous two stops (Cleveland and Dallas) lasted two years each. This one could end double-time unless Ryan drastically improves a unit that last year was arguably the worst in NFL history. SECRET WEAPON Joe Morgan.

New Orleans Saints Rookie Run-Down: Kenny Vaccaro and Kenny Stills

He adds, the goal of my foundation is to directly engage the youth of Chicago and hopefully one day, America, where they can positively impact the life of another child and ultimately realize their potential to effect change both in their own community and around the country, whether through sports or in what they do as adults. After all, our children are the future. So often, I feel that news of the bad boys of the NFL get so much more coverage, be it that its more salacious news, or our innate love of gossip, so it is so refreshing to see so many players this involved in molding youths futures. In an incredible show of support, 13 of Wilsons teammates and NFL friends (most of whom also grew up in Chicagoland) flew in to join the camp, immediately taking to the field upon their arrival to meet the campers and start showing them stretching exercises and leading them in drills that they themselves do. Friends for life, despite often competing against each other, Martez had 9 of Drew Brees Jersey his former University of Illinois teammates at the camp. This group included Mikel Leshoure Sr.

“I know what game week feels like for me in the fall, and I know what it will feel like for him and what it does feel like for all these golfers,” Payton said. “Just to be invisible as a caddie and do your job and be supportive, those are the things that I look at as being important for me this week.” To which Palmer added jokingly: “Just shut up and keep up. That’s it.” Palmer, who has four top 10 finishes this season, said other caddies had warm reactions to Payton. While the best work in golf is done in a quiet environment while football’s best work is amid a stadium full of screaming fans, the discipline required to succeed is the same, Payton said. “(There’s) a lot of tedious work that goes for the most part unnoticed,” Payton said. “And it’s pretty interesting to be around this venue and just see how these guys get around the course and what’s going through their mind.” Payton had plenty of time to play golf during his one-year suspension as part of the NFL’s bounty investigation.

Saints score, allow points by bushel

Brees_Ryan 130703 [203x114]

In the 2012 season, the Texas defense experienced an odd amount of injuries to the linebacker corps early in the year which changed the defense’s philosophy going forward. This impacted the way that Vaccaro was used and his 2012 season is not indicative of his overall performance in college. We can reasonably expect Vaccaro to cover tight ends much better than the incumbent Roman Harper , while also providing versatility in the secondary with formations that include three safeties in the game at once. Looking ahead, imagine Malcolm Jenkins , Harper, and Vaccaro all in the lineup at once. With an extra safety in the game in Vaccaro, opposing quarterbacks will have to quickly diagnose which safety is coming on the blitz, if any at all. The results could be exciting! Kenny Stills Now, let’s take a look at the other side of the ball, the explosive Saints offense, and rookie Kenny Stills. “Pretty Boy” Kenny also stands 6’0″ tall and weighs in at 194 pounds, fresh from the University of Oklahoma.


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