New Orleans Saints Linebacker Martez Wilson held his 2nd Annual “You Are The Future” Youth Football Camp in Chicago June 21st and 22nd, 2013

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees hits ‘NFL AM’ on NFL Network

After all, our children are the future. So often, I feel that news of the bad boys of the NFL get so much more coverage, be it that its more salacious news, or our innate love of gossip, so it is so refreshing to see so many players this involved in molding youths futures. In an incredible show of support, 13 of Wilsons teammates and NFL friends (most of whom also grew up in Chicagoland) flew in to join the camp, immediately taking to the field upon their arrival to meet the campers and start showing them stretching exercises and leading them in drills that they themselves do. Friends for life, despite often competing against each other, Martez had 9 of his former University of Illinois teammates at the camp. This group included Mikel Leshoure Sr. (Detroit Lions), Glenn Foster (New Orleans Saints), Drew Brees Jersey Josh Brent (Dallas Cowboys), and Terry Hawthorne (Pittsburgh Steelers). Wilsons New Orleans based trainer, Sonic Booms founder Wyatt Harris, headed up coaching the camp. Not only was it impressive that he took the time to fly in, but what I found to be most impressive was the way in which he interacted with the campers. He treated them and spoke to them as if they were any of his usual NFL trainees, not condescendingly in any way, but as if they were already pros themselves.

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees Is Still an Elite Quarterback


That’s called shouldering the load. That’s also called elite quarterbacking. Brees has been one of the top passers in the league since he became the Saints quarterback because of his excellent vision, strong arm, accuracy, fundamentals and intelligence. That combination of traits has enabled him to play at a consistently high level for many years now, which is precisely what an elite player does. He’s made a lot of great throws over the last few years including last season. One of his finer ones was career touchdown No.

New Orleans Saints Training Camp Profile: Akiem Hicks

He’s rejuvenated, he’s ready to go. We had a great offseason; we had 100 percent attendance in offseason through every workout – weight workouts and then once we got into OTAs and minicamp. So the commitment level by our team, by everyone, was unprecedented and everybody is ready to go. Obviously last year leaves a bad taste in our mouth and we can’t wait to get back on the field and get to work; watch our team come together, kind of recreate our identity and watch this thing unfold.” On this offseason compared to the past few offseasons for the team: “It’s all about football and that’s the way we like it. This is really the first normal offseason we’ve had in about four years, going from that offseason after Super Bowl which was a crazy offseason and then right into the lockout the next offseason, and then last year with the bounty and the contract and everything else. Really this is the first normal offseason we’ve had since ’09 and that ended up being a pretty good year for us. Hopefully there is some foreshadowing there.” On the loss of Carl Nicks and Jermon Bushrod, and the retooling of the Saints offensive line: “Credit to those guys. Those were great players but I feel like our unit as an offensive line is a tremendous unit. They’ve been together for a long time and occasionally you’re going to lose a guy to free agency or contract or what have you, and you have to have guys in the pipeline that are able to step up and be ready to play.

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Martez Wilson held his 2nd Annual “You Are The Future” Youth Football Camp in Chicago June 21st and 22nd, 2013

Hicks is surprisingly quick on his feet and that could benefit the Saints on the outside where the team is looking to improve their pass-rush. Hicks biggest competition will be rookie defensive tackleJohn Jenkins. Jenkins is even bigger than Hicks at 6-foot-4 and a whopping 346 pounds. Jenkins might get the first go at nose tackle, even as a rookie. However, if Hicks loses the starting nose tackle job that would be okay because he could become a force to be reckoned with on the outside as a defensive tackle.


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