New Orleans Saints offseason: Left tackle to have fierce competition

Fans get hands on new Saints strip as hundreds queue for kit (From Daily Echo)

Armstead, the rookie third round pick out of Arkansas Pine-Bluff, is by far the most intriguing of the three. Armstead busted onto the scene after having one of the most impressive combines this year, regardless of position. His 40-yard dash, broad jump, and vertical jump were tops among lineman. Armstead is a freak athlete with the highest of ceilings, however, he is still very raw and probably isnt ready to play as yet. With that said, history has shown the Saints are not afraid to throw young players into the fire, especially offensive lineman. Just look at Bushrod, Jahri Evans, and former Saint Carl Nicks who all played very early. Regardless of what happens in the competition this year, one way or another Armstead will be a future starter. His case parallels with a guy like Jimmy Graham who played on a limited basis his first year and then took the league by storm the next year.

Saints Row 4 and Why Video Game Censorship is Completely Ridiculous

Follow Us Two weeks after E3 2013 provided us with an opportunity to play an early build of Saints Row 4 , Deep Silver and Volition clearly remain focused on keeping gamers anticipation high for the final entry in the Saints Row franchise before the Saints Row 4 release date on August 20. Though the game’s August debut is still nearly two months away, Volition has released a new walkthrough of the entire Saints Row 4 game play demo, featuring commentary from Saints Row 4 senior producer Jim Boone. The latest Saints Row 4 game play demo also features a look at one of the game’s earliest segments, showing the arrival of the Zin Empire, and revealing a handful of additional plot details ahead of the Saints Row 4 release date . In addition to introducing what we can only presume to be the primary antagonist of Saints Row 4, Emperor Zinyak, the Saints Row 4 game play demo also revealed that tech-wiz Kinzie Kensington will return in Saints Row 4 to serve as press secretary for the “White Crib.” Kensington will also be joined by Shaundi (Director of Secret Service), Benjamin King (Chief of Staff) and Pierce Washington (Communications Director), though it isn’t clear how many of your Cabinet members will be able to lend their skills to Saints Row 4 players after the Zin invasion begins. If you haven’t had a chance, take a few minutes to check out the Saints Row 4 game play walkthrough from this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo: Be sure to check back with and follow Scott on Twitter for all the latest on Saints Row 4 ahead of the game’s Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC debut on August 20. Have you been counting down the days until the Saints Row 4 release date arrives this August? Looking forward to wrecking havoc with a specific weapon or super power after the game makes its debut? Already lost interest in the Saints Row franchise?

Saints Row 4 Refused Classification in Australia

The colour choice of black and white is a clever idea but the ‘V’ design is questionable. Despite the difference we love them both.” The new all read strip has the club sponsor aap3 emblazoned on the front in gold lettering. Alex Lehneis, 13, from Hamble , Brody Purkiss, 15, from Netley , and Harry Osman, 15, from Hamble with their kit The club struck a three-year deal with the IT and business solutions company, which has its international headquarters in Southampton, in 2011, following their promotion from League One into the Championship . Saints revealed their latest kits on Friday. The home shirt is all red, bar a few flashes of white on the sleeves and neck. The launch was undermined somewhat after a picture had leaked out on the internet a day early.

Terron Armstead

17: OLB Junior Galette Last Year’s Rank: unranked Season: 4; Age: 25; Height: 6-2; Weight: 258 Galette was one of the few Saints defensive players who showed improvement in 2012. He became a regular part of the rotation, coming in as a pass-rush specialist. And he finished with a career-high five sacks in 12 games. Add that to the 4.5 sacks he tallied as a part-timer in 2011, and Galette has arguably established himself as the Saints’ best pass rusher. The former undrafted free agent is still a bit one-dimensional, though. He’ll have to continue to develop as a run defender, and he may be asked to cover at times as he adjusts to a new position in the Saints’ 3-4 defense. But chances are, the Saints will continue to play to his strengths, using him almost exclusively as a pass rusher.

Saints Row 4 Game Play Video Shows Opening Moments Of The Earth – Zin Empire Conflict

Saints Row 4

But this isn’t a conversation that should be happening between parents and retailers it is a conversationthat should be taking place between parents and their children. Ratings put on media products should be guidelines that serve to inform parents of the kind of content their children will be experiencing if they choose to allow them to play a game that is deemed to be unsuitable for their age group. If that kid in GAME had previously asked his mother if he could have The Last of Us and she agreed that he could, then that means that she either trusts that her son is responsible enough to handle the game’s mature themes, that she doesn’t care about her son playing an 18+ game, or that she was completely oblivious to the reason why her son had asked her to purchase a video game on his behalf. Regardless of the reasoning, it should not be the retailer’s place to speculate on whether or not the parent is doing his/her job properly. Ratings systems should be there to inform the parent, but to enforce them by law is pointless censorship. Which brings us to Australia and the Saints Row 4 debacle. Yesterday it was revealed that Saints Row 4would be denied classification in Australia due to an “alien anal probe” featured in the game, that is deemed to exhibit “sexual violence” and will therefore mean that the game will not be released in the country. Below is the full statement given by the Australian Classification Board regarding the matter: “The game includes a weapon referred to by the Applicant as an ‘Alien Anal Probe’. The Applicant states that this weapon can be ‘shoved into enemy’s backsides’.

Ranking the New Orleans Saints’ players: No. 17, Junior Galette

0 makaveli316 , June 30, 2013 10:24 AM Who cares, this game is still a poor copy of GTA. 0 demonhorde665 , June 30, 2013 11:36 AM personally I’d tell the Australian government to go —- them selves … with an alien anal probe. I’m sick of hearing about the aussie near Nazi like government when it comes to entertainment. I feel sorry for you awesome aussie gamers that have to put up with this horse —- 0 Grandmastersexsay , June 30, 2013 12:22 PM Quote: that is a very good decision made by Australian Classification Board! Is not a normal behavior to insert ” something” in the back(anus) of enemy’s characters or civilians! This game can be played by the children, in what type of society we want to live?? Be gay/fag/sissy, at your home, do not promote this to children! It’s not the state’s job to raise our children you A-hole, it is the parent’s job.


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